About DCS Property Inspections LLC

DCS Property Inspections LLC is an independent home inspection company serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin.

mi_house13aWhether you are buying a home, selling your home or keeping your home, we provide invaluable information about the home’s condition that will enable you to: mi_house13a

– make an informed decision about the home you are about to buy

– know the condition of your home to help you sell it most effectively

– properly maintain the home you are keeping

We are licensed in Wisconsin and trained by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. We inspect to ASHI® and State of Wisconsin standards as a minimum.

When buying or selling a home, you should be concerned about the condition of the property. Buyers need to be concerned about missing some problem that could surprise them after the sale. Sellers should pay attention to issues that could stand in the way of a sale or affect the offer. Even Keepers, those who are neither buyers nor sellers, should be concerned about their home’s condition and know what needs to be done for the long term to protect their investment.

The services of a professional home inspector will help you avoid surprises, avoid unexpected expenses and make the whole real estate transaction go easier. We offer an objective and honest description of a home’s condition. Armed with our comprehensive, objective inspection report, both buyer and seller can be confident that the sales agreement is based upon a thorough examination of the property.

We also do Rental Weatherization Inspections (DILHR Inspections) for rental properties as specified by the State of Wisconsin.

Contact us if you are making an offer on a property or selling your home. We will provide fast, friendly, and comprehensive inspection services. We emphasize honesty and integrity – our reputation depends on it.

Or call just to ask questions or discuss a home problem.

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