DCS Property Inspections specializes in Home Inspections.

WHY INSPECT? – If you are a Buyer or Seller or a Keeper, you need DCS Property Inspections.

– make an informed decision about the home you are about to buy

– know the condition of your home to help you sell it most effectively

– properly maintain the home you are keeping

CONTACT US- For a quote, appointment, or to just ask questions – Call Us and ask for Jim at:

Call – (262) 633-5920

or email us at: jim@dcspropertyinspections.com or use our website Contact Us Form
CREDENTIALS – We are licensed in Wisconsin and trained by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. We inspect to ASHI® and State of Wisconsin standards as a minimum.

WHAT WE DO – DCS conducts a thorough Home Inspection including this list of items. ALSO –

Radon Inspections

Rental Weatherization Inspections: Previously known as “DILHR” inspections required by the State of Wisconsin for rental properties of a certain age. Inspector required to have a specific license by the State of Wisconsin

Dispute Resolution: Done in connection with a legal dispute about the physical condition of a property. This service is typically done under the direction of an attorney.
WHERE WE SERVE – DCS serves all of Southeast Wisconsin

DELIVERABLES – Your report is our documentation of your inspection. It is confidential between you and us delivered as a printed report and/or via email. No one will get a copy without your consent.

The report contains 30+ pages of valuable information tailored to your home. In addition to your home’s specfic information, it contains useful information about home inspection interpretations in general.

It is a combination check-list/narrative format with extensive comments about our findings. Digital photographs are included to illustrate conditions where necessary. There is a Summary Page where notable or serious findings are included which are more fully explained in the relevant sections inside the report.

CONTACT US TODAY at (262) 633-5920 or email jim@dcspropertyinspections.com