Our Report

Our report is the principle work product of what we do. This is our documentation of your inspection. It is confidential between you and us. No one will get a copy without your consent. At your request, we will provide copies to those who are approved by you.

The report will contain over 30 pages and will be tailored to your home. It is computer produced and can be readily sent by email. In addition to information about your home, it will contain useful information about homes and home inspections in general.

It is a combination check-list/narrative format with room for extensive comments about our findings as needed. Digital photographs are included to illustrate conditions where necessary. There will be a Summary Page near the end where notable or serious findings are included which are more fully explained in the relevant sections inside the report. Although you can go right to the Summary Page to find any serious issues, the detail inside the report contains key explanatory information and can be critical for a complete understanding.